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Time Management Blueprint

Language: English

Instructors: Akhil Baheti

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Why this course?



There are various techniques in Time Management, where we can save our lot of time. This course conveys all the important techniques of time management and how to apply them in our schedules.

There are many such cases where Technique is not known and they just wish to utilize maximum time available. That is why this course has been built so that available time can be utilized perfectly.

Suggested time duration is 30 minutes for 1 day and total 3 days.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Time Management Blueprint (6:00)
T. M. Blueprint Worksheet (9 pages)
Importance of Time Management (7:00)
Why Time Management is Important? (10:00)
Website Links
How Time Management Affects!!! (2:00)
TMB Skill Set 1
Skills You Need To Be Successful (3:00)
168 Hour Checklist (12:00)
Prioritization (13:00)
Art of Delegation (13:00)
Practical Steps To Take Before Next Day (5:00)
TMB Skill Set 2
Journey to Achieve Desired Goals (2:00)
Setting Realistic Deadlines (11:00)
Learn to say No - Without Hurting them... (12:00)
Dominating Distractions (9:00)
Techniques & Habits will Go Hand in Hand

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